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Bing Maps Will Soon Feature Nokia Branding On All Smartphones

Bing Maps on Lumia 800

If you frequently use Bing Maps on your smartphone for personal navigation, then you’ll soon begin seeing Nokia’s name an awful lot. Whether you’re using a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android handset, load up a map provided by Bing and you’ll get Nokia branding.

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, explained to Pocket-lint during an interview at CES that thanks to its adoption of the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has agreed to use Nokia’s mapping and navigation service:

“You’ll starting seeing the word ‘Nokia’ on a map that you get from Microsoft properties over a period of time. Even if you are on a BlackBerry device, who recently said they were going to start using Bing Maps.”

“Part of the relationship with Microsoft that we established is that we are clearly placing a bet on the Windows Phone platform. [In return] they are placing a bet on our location based platform; mapping, navigation and so forth.”

And it won’t just stop at maps. Elop also said that over time, we’ll see that “more and more work will be done by Nokia” across all the Microsoft properties.

Elop explained that the deal was a way to protect Nokia and ensure that its new partnership with Microsoft wasn’t as one-sided as it may have initially been perceived:

“We did that for important reasons as we had the better mapping assets so it made sense. But it also creates some balance in the relationship with Microsoft.”

What do you think about seeing Nokia branding in Bing Maps, and possibly other Microsoft services you use on your smartphone?

[via Pocket-lint, image courtesy of GottaBeMobile]

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