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Galaxy Nexus Owners Reporting Random Reboots

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Home ScreenEnjoying your Galaxy Nexus? When we think of standards in next-gen mobile technology, Google’s flagship device is always one that comes to mind. The screen is absolutely stunning, Android 4.0 is a joy to use and the device overall is blazing fast. Add in Verizon‘s LTE network for the U.S. version, and it doesn’t get much better. Unfortunately, as with most flagship devices, it’s not without its issues, the latest of which sees GSM and CDMA Nexus owners complaining about random reboots. What’s worse, the issue seems to become more frequent as owners use their device more and more.

In a forum on Google Mobile UK titled “Why does my galaxy nexus… do random reboots?” users have taken to detail their Nexus rebooting experiences, with the issue occurring while listening to music, playing games, and even while sitting idle. Google has responded by saying the company is “continuing to investigate,” but so far no solution has been found other than to suggest exchanging the phone for a new one.

Android 4.0 and the Galaxy Nexus are both still fresh off the presses, so perhaps we can give the device the benefit of the doubt and chalk this issue up to new guy jitters, at least for now. Hopefully Google introduces a timely solution, though, otherwise there will be plenty of angry Nexus owners.

Has anyone run into this problem?

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