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PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS Battery Life Comparison (Video)

by Joey Davidson | January 13, 2012January 13, 2012 2:45 pm PST

YouTube user  does what we all want to do, though lack the insanity to try: a marathon gaming session for each new portable to measure battery life.

In the video clip, and we suppose as a way to create a level of balance between the two handhelds, this gamer starts by switching each system to its lowest settings. The 3DS has its brightness set to 1, the Power Saver turned on, the wireless turned off, the volume turned down and the 3D set to nil. The PS Vita employs its airplane network mode, brightness of zero and volume of nada.

Both systems played the same game, F1 2011, on the same track with the same vehicle. The rubberband over each device is meant to hold the gas button down for driving. The user simply steers.

Could you imagine playing the same track on the same game for more than eight hours spread across two sittings? No.

The results are, quite honestly, what I expected them to be. The Nintendo 3DS, the less resource taxing system when everything is turned off, lasted longer by an hour. I’m more than certain that switching variables would alter the results across all sorts of tests.

Should Nintendo 3DS owners take to the streets with their feathers on display and their chests puffed out all strutting like? No. This test, in my book, serves only to illustrate one thing: batteries need to be improved. An hour difference between two entirely unique gaming experiences ain’t much, as far as I’m concerned.

I notice one thing here: both devices run for less than five hours with the lowest settings activated. Portable gaming handhelds need better batteries. Hell, all tech needs better batteries. We, as a culture of improvement, invention and innovation, should take time to consider the energy side of technological development.

There’s no way my gaming system shouldn’t be able to last the length of a flight across the US. I remember taking my Game Boy with me on road trips and not having to replace batteries before 25 hours of play expired.

I know, I know, the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS do a lot more than my Game Boy did way back when. But, come on, that was more than 20 years ago. It’s time to up the ante.

[via Kotaku]

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