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Microsoft Embarrasses Competition in $100 Windows Phone Speed Tests at CES

Windows Phone Speed Tests

Those attending this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had the opportunity to walk away with $100 from Microsoft if they could prove their smartphone was faster than a Windows Phone device. The tests generated a lot of interest at Microsoft’s booth today, according to The Verge, but not many visitors walked away with the cash.

The battles consisted of tasks like posting photos to Twitter, finding restaurants nearby and directions to the door, checking the weather, and searching for music. Microsoft’s device was up against all sorts of rivals, including a number of iPhones, a slew of Android-powered devices, and even a Palm Pre Plus. In 34 tests, the Windows Phone device won 30, lost 3, and drew 1.

That’s pretty impressive, right? You can watch many of the challenges on Microsoft’s YouTube channel, or on its Windows Phone Blog. You’ll see for yourself that in some cases, Windows Phone well and truly smashed its competition — completing certain tasks before its competitor even reached the halfway point.

After watching the results myself, I think I’d rather try my luck in a casino than go up against Microsoft’s device.

Do you think your smartphone could beat a Windows Phone device in a speed test?

[via The Verge]

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