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Twitter is Ablaze With Mentions of Microsoft, OLED TVs

by Brandon Russell | January 12, 2012January 12, 2012 8:45 pm PST

Four days into CES 2012, and we’re still not finished with our coverage. The experience thus far has been exhausting: we’ve seen cameras, ultrabooks, insane gaming tablets, smartphones and everything in between. If it’s electronic, chances are it’s shown up at the cathedrals of Sin City. Our senses are being stimulated from every imaginable angle. TV here, phone there, tablet, ridiculous 900 pound iPod dock. It’s like walking into a giant theme park/playground/arcade/sports arena/party hybrid. Amongst all the madness, keeping up can be a difficult task. For companies looking to reach consumers, standing out can be even harder.

Thanks to the thousands and thousands of tweets, we have an idea of who and what is standing out the most. According to SimplyMeasured, OLED TVs, like the ones being shown off by Samsung and LG, have garnered the most mentions on Twitter via #CES during days 0-2 (Sunday-Tuesday). Second place goes to tablets, while third goes to the intrigue of the many (many, many, many) ultrabooks being introduced.

As far as brands go, Microsoft is well ahead of the pack, with Samsung slotting in at second. While much of that no doubt has to do with it being the Redmond-based company’s last CES appearance ever, Microsoft was able to harness farewell chatter into a high energy keynote. The company recapped many of its upcoming projects, from Windows Phone, to Windows 8 and Kinect.

The weekend is almost here, meaning the TVs will go black, reference designs back to the drawing board, and upcoming products get into their final phases before launch. So far, the buzz is all about OLED TVs and Microsoft. Who and what will it be next year?


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