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Razer’s Project Fiona Running Skyrim on Ultra High Settings

Razer announced its upcoming Windows 8 based gaming tablet, complete with unique gaming grips on the periphery of the display, at the start of this year’s CES. The company promised Project Fiona, as they’re currently calling it, will be capable of running high-end PC games.

Destructoid took that marketing speak and put it to the test in the video you see above. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is running, albeit with a few framerate hiccups, with Ultra High settings turned on.

The only odd gripe I’m seeing with the device’s control scheme based on the video is the way the mouse cursor is controlled; it looks, frankly, awkward and slow. The game, however, looks great.

Even further, according to Destructoid, Skyrim was booted from Steam for the demo shown in the clip above. Steam, of course, is Valve‘s massive marketplace for PC gamers. Having that available on a tablet like the Project Fiona could be huge.

Razer‘s prototype is still just that: a prototype. The device may not even make it to market in its current form. However, seeing it run a game like Skyrim on its highest settings, even if the performance is a little suspect at times, is promising for the mobile gaming market.

Razer’s Project Fiona could release towards the end of 2012 with a sub-$1,000 price tag. Will you be interested?

[via Destructoid]

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