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Apple Job Listing Hints At Aperture For iOS

Aperture iconPhotographers have long been anticipating an Aperture application for their iOS devices, and it could be on its way according to a new Apple job listing for a Sr. Apps UI Engineer. The vacancy, based at the company’s Cupertino headquarters, calls for a Cocoa engineer with experience in programming for the iOS operating system.

The listing was spotted by Mike Beasley, a self-confessed Apple expert, who shared it via his blog. As Beasley points out, what’s most interesting about this particular listing is that there’s no mention of the Mac OS X operating system within the job description, and experience in iOS development is a must-have:

Apple has listed a job opening for a Senior Apps UI Engineer with requirements including experience in programming for iOS, but with exactly zero mentions of Mac OS on the entire page. What makes this listing interesting is that it specifically states that the opening is on the Aperture team.

While Apple has previously posted job listings for Aperture engineers on its site, it traditionally calls for iOS development experience as a desired skill, rather than an essential.

Aperture could join a growing list of Mac OS X applications that have been ported to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; including Garageband, iMovie, and the iWork office suite, which consists of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. A dedicated photo editing app — offering more than just the basic features baked into iOS 5 — certainly seems to make sense to us.

Would you like to Aperture released for iOS?

[via iMikeBeas]

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