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Apple Flavored Target Stores Confirmed

by Brandon Russell | January 12, 2012January 12, 2012 4:15 pm PST

Apple in TargetTarget is heeding the “Apple a day will keep the doctor away” advice, confirming on Thursday the retail giant will play host to 25 special Apple boutique style stores-within-a-store (refrain from the Inception jokes). The Minneapolis-based retailer unveiled its “The Shops at Target” initiative in New York today, verifying speculation from last week about the impending Apple influx.

The move is designed to make the Apple brand more accessible to shoppers where a full-fledged store isn’t necessary. Dustee Jenkins, a Target spokeswoman, said current Apple displays will be expanded on from what the retailer already offers, but declined to say what exactly will be offered and how everything will be arranged. The partnership will most likely allow the Cupertino-based company to decorate its dedicated space as it sees fit.

Currently Apple mini-stores run inside Best Buy locations across the nation, but no word on how similar or different the Target versions will be. As of now, no details were shared on what Target locations will receive the Apple treatment, either. With the latest rumors speculating the iPad 3 to hit some time in March, the timing of this couldn’t be any better.


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