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Vizio is Bored with 16:9, Introduces CinemaWide TVs

by Brandon Russell | January 11, 2012January 11, 2012 2:30 am PST

Vizio CinemaWideWhile Vizio further expands its reach into consumer homes with its new all-in-one PCs and laptops, the company is still sticking to what it does best: TVs. The Irvine-based company announced today a line of premium HDTVs that will truly attract avid cinephiles. Not content with the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, Vizio has taken upon itself to utilize an aspect ratio of 21:9 (2560×1080 resolution), known in the industry as CinemaScope, to bring the “authentic cinematic experience to your living room.”

The new CinemaWide models will come in at 50, 58 and 71-inch models with edge-lit LED backlighting on the smaller two, exhibiting a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. The larger model will feature “TruLED” backlighting, making for superior black levels and vibrant contrasts, the company said. In addition, the TVs will allow users to surf the web while simultaneously viewing full-res 1080p content, albeit in the wimpy 16:9 format. Still, this option will definitely be welcome for sports fan who want to check scores from around the league. Of course, 3D is implemented, along with Vizio’s Internet App interface for chatting, shopping and multitasking.

Details as far as pricing and availability haven’t been revealed, but we’ll be sure to share once we find out.


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