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Verizon Sees Each of its Subscribers Owning Five Devices

by Brandon Russell | January 11, 2012January 11, 2012 7:00 pm PDT

Verizon Wireless GuyBe honest: How many devices do you currently own? I answered two (phone and computer). With the amount of tablets, smartphones, computers, etc., it’s hard not to have the desire for more. Like, for example, as many as five. In our obsession to consume content and stay connected, Verizon feels individual consumers will own up to five devices at once – and the wireless carrier hopes we’ll use them all on Big Red’s network.

With the implementation and spread of the 4G LTE standard, Verizon hopes the improved speeds will entice consumers to use all their devices on the same network – TV, computer, tablet, smartphones, spare smartphone, backup smartphone. Only, there’s the small problem of introducing shared data plans, something carriers are working hard to address.

Colson Hillier, Verizon’s executive director of data applications said, “We think customers are going to have five devices.” But he also admitted, “You don’t get there with five plans.”

The shared data standard may go into effect some time in 2012, however. Speaking on the matter, Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam last month said the company has been working diligently at making shared data a reality, something Verizon has been working toward for the past few years.

When it does finally happen, can you see yourself using five different devices on the same Verizon data plan when WiFi is enough for most devices?


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