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Future Xbox to be Tablet-Based? Debut at CES 2012?

by Joey Davidson | January 9, 2012January 9, 2012 7:53 am PST

GameSpot is running an interesting bit of speculation as part of what gamers might expect throughout the span of 2012. They’ve suggested that Microsoft will be unveiling a tablet-based Xbox 720 (or whatever they’ll be calling it).

They liken the future design to the Wii U from Nintendo. Gamers will have the option to control their Xbox Nextst through either their traditional controller, the better Kinect 2 or a brand new touchscreen interface. According to their somewhat baseless rumor, GameSpot indicates that the meshing of Windows 8 and the future Xbox will create an interface that “just begs to be touched.”

Additional rumors have indicated that this year’s CES will be a major event for Microsoft and their gaming hardware. Some have suggested that the company will unveil their next Xbox during their keynote (which is actually set to happen tonight). We’ll know soon enough if that’s the case.

If I were placing a bet, I’d assume Microsoft will not be releasing a tablet controlled Xbox any time soon. Looking at the way Microsoft has taken the Kinect experience and made it the centerpiece of exploring the system’s user interface (just look at the most recent dashboard update), the company seems keen on designing their machines around motion control. I’d expect a built-in Kinect refresh sooner than the addition of a tablet interface.

If Microsoft announces anything related to their new Xbox during the CES presentation, we’ll be sure to have it for you here.

[via GameSpot]

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