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File Sharing is Now an Official Religion in Sweden

by Maximum PC | January 7, 2012January 7, 2012 6:00 am PST

File sharing: it’s not just a way to get free stuff anymore. In Sweden, it’s now an officially recognized religion. Philosophy student Isak Gerson has tried and failed several times to get his Missionary Church of Kopimism recognized as a religion, authorities have relented. Kopimism holds as its central principal, that copying data is a sacred act.

The Church of Kopimism counts among its members roughly 3000 souls (or whatever Kopimists believe). “I think that more people will have the courage to step out as Kopimists. Maybe not in the public, but at least to their close ones,” Gerson said to TorrentFreak. This milestone does not make copyright infringement legal in Sweden, but it says a lot about the mentality of such things in the region.

Kopimism is at lest serious enough to seek official status, but it also seems more than a little tongue-in-cheek to us. CTRL+C and CTRL+V are considered sacred symbols in the Kopimist church. So, planning to convert?

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Covering everything from hi-end gaming PCs to tablets, peripherals and home theater rigs, Maximum PC's print and Web editions stay one step ahead of...