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Asus Sparks Outrage Among Transformer Prime Users With Locked & Encrypted Bootloader

by Killian Bell | January 3, 2012January 3, 2012 6:00 am PST

Eee Pad Transformer Prime Lock Screen

As the world’s first quad-core tablet, the Asus Transformer Prime was one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2011. But for some Android users, it’s not quite as groundbreaking as it should be. Those hoping to crack the device and perform their own tweaks and customizations are now discovering that Asus has locked and encrypted the Transformer Prime’s bootloader, making it near impossible for users to hack into.

It goes without saying that a significant proportion of the Android community isn’t happy about this, and they’re now calling for a “social media attack” in a bid to persuade Asus to reverse its decision and abandon the lock. A thread on the XDA Developers forums, started by Wordlywisewiz, reads:

Okay so Asus has Encrypted the bootloader on the prime with a 128 bit Encryption(Basically Impossible to crack!) like HTC did awhile back…. This makes it impossible to flashRoms and Kernals which can really unlock the devices full potential ie Overclocking, Flashing Linux Distros, Customizing, Undervolting, Potential of Windows 8 ect.

The community now wants everyone to get involved by tweeting Asus and NVIDIA with requests to free the bootloader, and sign a petition — which has already attracted 2,800 signatures in its first day.

HTC has previously employed a similar tactic to lock its own Android devices, but following similar customer outrage like that now sparked by Asus, the Taiwanese company decided to abandon its decision.

Will Asus be persuaded to do the same?

[via Android Police]

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