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Study: Facebook Does Not Lead To Bad Grades For Students [infographic] created a infographic illustrating a recent study about college students and their social media habits, and the results are pretty interesting: Facebook use in itself isn’t a problem for them academically — in fact, practically all of them use it (at 92 percent). By that statistic, most college kids should be flunking out of school. But on the contrary, certain types of heavy users have actually been shown to have higher GPAs.

Students who tended to share links and check up on friends had better grades, and those who spent a lot of time posting status updates showed poorer academic performance. This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a causal relationship here, but it does fly in the face of conventional notions that social media leads to ruin.

In other words, this is the argument to make with parents and teachers who believe that social media is an evil time waster.

For more, hit up the infographic.

[via SocialTimes]

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