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Top Tech Trends of 2011 (infographic)

So what can we learn from 2011? Well for one, according to this infographic, it seems people en masse absolutely do not like being hardwired. On the contrary, our affinity for sharing, streaming and being mobile has become a full-blown obsession. And why not? The tools we use are becoming increasingly powerful, after all. But perhaps, what 2011 teaches us the most is what we can look forward to in 2012. Look for mobile commerce and internet TV to be bigger than ever (that is, assuming the cable companies and cell providers don’t throttle the heck out of us), and a resulting upsurge in our data demands to become positively massive.

In other words, all we want is to do more and enjoy more, absolutely everywhere we are. That’s reasonable, no?

For the full list of 2011’s tech trends, hit up the infographic below. Then tell us if this looks spot-on to you, or if you were obsessed about other services, features or apps this year. And what are you looking forward to most next year?

[via Alltop, Column Five, source G+]


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