Recently, Jon Rettinger took the 2012 Ford Focus Electric on a quiet drive down Electric Avenue in New Orleans during CTIA. The video above addresses his first impressions of the all-electric plugin vehicle, which were mostly positive.

The Ford Focus Electric receives its power from a 23kWh battery that benefits from regenerative braking, meaning the car actually puts energy back in to the battery while coming to a stop. As promised to me back in Dearborn, MI by Chad D'Arcy, Ford Focus Electric Marketing Manager, the Ford Focus Electric provided instant torque upon acceleration.

The Ford Focus Electric is capable of 100MPGe, though its typical range can see a base number of around 78MPGe, which is still better than the Nissan Leaf's average. Charging via a 240V outlet takes between 3-4 hours, while using a standard 120V outlet takes double that time. The Focus Electric also benefits from a digital LCD dash that displays fuel economy, regenerative braking progress and other information, as well as an optional touchscreen LCD dash display with Ford Sync.

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric can reach a top speed of 80MPH, though Jon did not get a chance to take it to the drag strip.