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Nokia Ace Gets Pictured, Appears AT&T Bound

Nokia AceWe’re almost into the last weekend of 2011, Buffalo, but that’s not stopping the leak machine from churning out more goodies. What a doozy this one may turn out to be, too. According to PocketNow, one of Microsoft‘s partners let slip the unannounced Nokia Ace via a spirited holiday greeting card.

The series of festive images shows what looks to be a standard Lumia 800 – nothing special. But upon closer examination, up at the top right is clearly an AT&T logo. There’s even a front-facing camera up on the top left, with 4G LTE joining the party as well. Guess video chat is a pretty hot ticket item in the features department.

The Nokia Ace will be the Finnish-based company’s first big push of Windows branded smartphones into the US market. We’ve already gotten our mitts on the Lumia 800, and it was one of our favorite devices of 2011. If the Ace does indeed land with 4G LTE, Tango and a front-facing camera in tow, well, sign us up.

CES is just around the bend, so hopefully information about the Nokia Ace will drop then.