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Jon Rettinger Answers 20 Questions with Engadget

by TechnoBuffalo Team | December 30, 2011December 30, 2011 6:30 pm EST

Distro Cover

In the latest issue of Engadget’s Distro magazine, our own Jon Rettinger sat down to answer 20 questions about how he sees the world of technology.

Here’s a sampling of some of the questions he answered:

What gadget do you depend on most?

My phone is like a third hand, and is always attached to me. Right now, I’m rocking an HTC Titan as my daily driver. It’s integral for work and a few bouts of Angry Birds. I also love the contradiction of a Mac user rocking a Windows phone.


What are your favorite gadget names?

The cartoon nerd in me loved the Transformer Prime name. I keep expecting Optimus to start talking to me about Cybertron and telling me to ‘Roll out’. I love gadget names that make no sense. What’s an Atrix? Why is this Samsung phone ‘Captivating?’

You can find these and more (18 more to be exact) in Engadget’s Distro (PDF link) on pages 61 & 62.

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