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No iPad Announcement Coming at Macworld Expo

by Brandon Russell | December 29, 2011December 29, 2011 4:00 pm PDT

MacworldIn response to an earlier DigiTimes claim that Apple was gearing up to announce its iPad 3 at MacWorld Expo in January, Jim Dalrymple of TheLoop has vehemently debunked the rumor as “completely false.”

After checking “with a number of sources,” Dalrymple explains that Apple will most certainly not introduce any products at this year’s Macworld Expo, iTV and iPad included. You can also count out the Cupertino-based company on using CES 2012 as a platform to announce its future iPad as well, Dalrymple said. It’s just not going to happen.

The earlier DigiTimes rumor immediately seemed fishy seeing as Apple hasn’t attended Macworld Expo since 2009. There’s no evidence to suggest this year will be any different.

And two new iPads in addition to the iPad 2? It’s hard to imagine Apple pulling such a move, especially if there’s a chance of confusing its current target audience. Apple would have a lot of explaining to do in order for the average consumer to understand why they should choose one over the other. Plus, having two new iterations (in both colors, different storage capacities and WiFi and 3G options) in addition to the iPad 2 could potentially cannibalize its own lineup. Why get the “high-end” when the “mid-range” is sufficient? Of course, for techies, the latest and greatest is always the most desired. If Apple introduced two new iPads in the same year, would that mean we could expect the same thing annually?

There’s no way of knowing at present, and all should be revealed in the coming months. If Apple sticks to its current March/April iPad cycle, we’re not all that far off from seeing what the company has in store.


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