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LTE-Equipped HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel Windows Phones to Launch Early Next Year

4G Windows Phone handset

HTC and Samsung have two new Windows Phone devices — both of which are equipped with LTE — prepared to launch in early 2012, according to people “familiar with Microsoft’s plans,” who have been talking to The Verge. Both devices will reportedly ship with a “pre-Tango version” of the Windows Phone operating system, which includes support for LTE-equipped devices.

HTC’s handset is currently codenamed Radiant — a device which first appeared back in August when Windows Phone app developer Robert Varga noticed the device had been used with his benchmarking app, WP Bench. At the time, WP Central reported that the device was running a post-Mango version of Windows Phone, labeled 7.10.8004.

Unfortunately the report offers no specifications for the Radiant, but it does claim that Samsung’s device, codenamed Mandel, will sport a large screen that exceeds the 4.3-inch display featured on the Samsung Focus S. No matter how big the display is, it’ll need a cooler name than Mandel if it wants to succeed.

Both devices are expected to launch in early 2012, alongside an LTE-equipped Windows Phone handset from Nokia. It’s unlikely we’ll see them at CES 2012, according to The Verge, but they may appear at Mobile World Congress 2012 in February.

Are you looking forward to LTE-equipped Windows Phone devices?

[via The Verge]

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