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Google Amassed 153.4 Million U.S. Visitors Per Month in 2011

by Brandon Russell | December 28, 2011December 28, 2011 11:00 pm PST

Google SearchWith the enormous amount of products Google offers, the search giant practically owns the Internet. In fact, one could argue it is the Internet. The company has come a long, long way since being incorporated back in 1998. Now look where it is today.

In what comes as no surprise, Nielsen has revealed that Google was 2011’s top online destination in the U.S., even besting Facebook by a wide margin. The Mountain View-based company garnered more than 153 million monthly visitors across the nation up through October 2011, with many more visits sure to have been tallied during the busy holiday season.

Facebook landed in at second overall with almost 138 million monthly visitors, trumping close rival Twitter, who racked up nearly 24 million visitors a month.

Yahoo came in at number 3 with 130 million/month, with MSN (116 million) and YouTube (107 million) rounding out the top 5. Here is the full top 10 list, according to Nielsen:

Top 10 U.S. web brands in 2011

(Web brand/monthly visitors)

  1. Google: 153.4M
  2. Facebook: 137.6M
  3. Yahoo: 130.1M
  4. MSN/Windows Live/Bing: 115.9M
  5. YouTube: 106.7M
  6. Microsoft: 83.7M
  7. AOL Media Network: 74.6M
  8. Wikipedia: 62.1M
  9. Apple: 61.6M
  10. Ask Search Network: 60.1M

Spending the amount of time I do on the Internet, I pretty much rely on Google to help me track down important information. And of course, YouTube is another hot destination for TechnoBuffalo.

What sites did you find yourself visiting most in 2011?


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