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Apple Could Collect $10 for Every Android Device Sold

by Emily Price | December 28, 2011December 28, 2011 5:00 pm PST

Apple vs Android

One expert claims that Apple could start collecting $10 for every Android device sold if it simply dropped the numerous lawsuits it has pending against other manufacturers. In an interview with Bloomberg, Kevin Rivette, managing partner at intellectual property firm 3LP Advisors LLC suggested that rather than sue, the company should instead license the functionality it has patents for, collecting up to $10 in fees for each use.

“A scorched-earth strategy is bad news because it doesn’t optimize the value of their patents — because people will get around them,” said Rivette, whose clients include Android licensees. “It’s like a dam. Using their patents to keep rivals out of the market is like putting rocks in a stream. The stream is going to find a way around. Wouldn’t it be better to direct where the water goes?”

Microsoft is currently believed to receive $5 for each Android device sold. If Apple licensed its patents rather than fought them in court it would stand to make a substantial amount of cash from Android sales, as well as save itself a ton of legal fees in the process.

What do you think? Should Apple keep fighting companies who violate its patents, or should it consider licensing those patents instead?

[via Bloomberg]

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