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When Minecraft Meets Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Video)

by Joey Davidson | December 27, 2011December 27, 2011 8:15 pm PDT

The modding community entranced with Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a strong one that consistently creates new ways to play and perceive their favorite fighting game. Perhaps their constant love is only bested by one other community of modders: those that work on Mojang’s Minecraft in their spare time.

One modder decided to blend the worlds of blocky wonder and Nintendo fighting together by creating the texture and item swap you see in the video above.

We found this gem while cruising /r/gaming on Reddit this morning when we should have been doing our work and not completely disregarding real life. Redditor “eigenseele” posted the video you see above in this particular subreddit with the headline “My little brother made a Minecraft skin for brawl…is he doing it right?” His little brother is supposedly  on YouTube.

Quite honestly, we love what this modder has done here. Minecraft Steve and his crazy Zombie (phhh, not a Creeper, our bad) foe look fantastic and manage to bend their block bodies without breaking throughout the entire battle. The pixely bow and arrow take the goodness within and drive it well over the top into the land of amazing detail.

If you know how to apply these types of things to your Wii with Homebrewing, there’s a link to download everything you need in the video’s description. If you snag the files, we hope you take some time to slap a thumbs up on the video and leave a loving comment like “YOU ROXXORS!,” or something, for the creator to see. Words of encouragement like that keep modders like this one doing what they love to do.

[via /r/gaming]

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