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Get a Better Siri Experience by Thoroughly Filling Out Contact Info

by Brandon Russell | December 25, 2011December 25, 2011 10:01 am PST

iPhone 4S Siri DemoSo you’ve gotten an iPhone 4S, and you’ve probably been asking Siri weird and awkward questions to see how she responds. While she’s good for a laugh, Apple‘s personal assistant is actually a great way to get things done. Sure, her depth can be a little underwhelming at times – she is in beta, after all. Still, Siri has a lot to offer. With a few address book customizations, she can be even better.

GigaOm details how to properly set up your address book to make Siri more useful, starting with thoroughly filling out your own contact information. By creating a contact for yourself, you’ll help Siri better understand you, including where you live and work and important members of your family (including their birthdays and anniversaries).

Sound unnecessary? The more information on your phone, the more information Siri has access to, meaning you’ll spend less time dealing with her not knowing what to do. If you have a name that is difficult for the personal assistant to understand, you can specify a phonetic spelling in the Address Book, hopefully making you feel less awkward while talking to your phone. Even better, filling out contact information will help you get around town (e.g. Siri, give me directions to Dad’s house).

Check out GigaOm’s full list of details to get a better understanding on how Siri can be more useful to you. Just don’t get on her bad side.

Have any useful Siri tips?

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