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Best Buy in Damage Control Mode After Canceling Holiday Orders

by Brandon Russell | December 23, 2011December 23, 2011 3:37 pm PST

Best BuyWhen you’re the world’s largest electronics chain by revenue, be careful what you wish for. In a bid to outdo rivals (like Amazon), Best Buy offered up some tantalizing promotional deals in order to lure consumers into buying from the retailer. Only, Blue & Yellow was unprepared for the demand, leading to some unfulfilled holiday shipments. Now Best Buy is in damage control as angry customers voice their displeasure through online forums and in emails.

Consumers who made purchases well before this week received notices informing them that their purchases were outright canceled, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said. Orders made during Thanksgiving weekend, as well as on Cyber Monday, were dismissed due to crippling demand.

This is the second mess up for Best Buy in the past few months. A technical glitch during the pre-Black Friday pandemonium led to consumers unable to check out and complete Web purchases.

“This was a rare situation based on a high volume of orders over a short period of time,” said company spokeswoman Susan Busch. “There was an unacceptable delay between order confirmations and cancellations, and for that we are very sorry. The challenges related to this situation are being addressed.” The company said only 1% of orders were affected.

One customer from Connecticut, who ordered a Playstation 3 bundle over Black Friday weekend, said they received a letter from the retailer last week saying their order would never come. After a series of angry emails and message board posts, Best Buy rectified the situation, giving the customer the original bundle along with an additional $200 gift card. Best Buy hasn’t given a word on how the company is moving forward to correct other canceled orders, the WSJ said.

While this doesn’t excuse Best Buy’s major screw up, the company is at least taking steps to correcting the situation. Hopefully not too many families will wind up empty handed this holiday season because the retailer’s mistake.

Did you receive a cancellation notice from Best Buy?


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