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RIM Employee Says BlackBerry 10 Is a Failure

by Brandon Russell | December 22, 2011December 22, 2011 2:30 pm PDT

BlackBerry 10“Don’t worry,” RIM is saying. “Have patience. We can right our wrongs without the help of other companies. Just give us another year so we can maybe release BlackBerry 10.”

Thing is, with the way Research In Motion has gone about its business this past year, it’s hard to keep faith in a company that looks destined to wind up in Hasbeensville. Let’s face it: if the company can’t pull itself together and knock one out of the park once (if) BlackBerry 10 hits, the handset maker is unlikely to ever gain back marketshare.

Now comes this: according to a trusted BGR source, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 is plain awful on smartphones, on par with the experience of the PlayBook 2.0 developers have been testing – no email or BBM, basically features RIM is best at. Not only that, but BlackBerry 10 isn’t even up to speed with the ancient iPhone iOS 1.0 or Android 2.0. Remember, RIM is betting its future on its upcoming OS.

In addition, the source claims that co-CEO Mike Lazaridis straight up lied when he said the Waterloo-based company delayed BlackBerry 10 because RIM is waiting on a new LTE chipset to implement into its handsets. ”RIM is simply pushing this out as long as they can for one reason: they don’t have a working product yet,” BGR’s source said.

It sounds like the gRIM Reaper is right on Research In Motion’s doorstep. When a company’s own employee compares its software to something that came out almost four years ago now, it certainly doesn’t give consumers confidence that the once dominate company can right its wrongs. But hey, BlackBerry 10 is still a year off. Hopefully by then it’ll have email.


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