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Nokia Waves Goodbye to Symbian Moniker

by Brandon Russell | December 22, 2011December 22, 2011 6:00 am PDT

Nokia BelleIn a bid to further embrace its transition toward bluer waters, Nokia has officially announced it’s ditching the Symbian name. Say your goodbyes. Actually, it’s more like see you later, as Symbian will continue to live on through a new moniker: Nokia Belle. Previously the OS was known as Symbian Belle.

The new Nokia Belle UI will be available soon to certain handsets and become the standard on a selection of devices that are currently on the market. The OS was launched earlier this year on the Nokia 701, 700 and 603, receiving positive feedback, Nokia said. It’ll reach additional devices like the N8, E7 and X7, among others, beginning in February of next year.

With Nokia phones running Symbian said to be outselling its Windows Phone offerings 10-1, it seems there certainly is a market for the Finnish-based company’s declining OS. The upcoming Belle release is slated to bring six home screens instead of the software’s current three, better widgets and a number of other improvements.


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