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Apple’s App Store is Worth More Than Research in Motion

by Brandon Russell | December 20, 2011December 20, 2011 2:00 pm PST

Apple iOS App Store StockNot to beat a dead horse here, but Research in Motion’s future is not looking good. In addition to falling stock prices, flatlining marketshare and shareholder unrest, the company announced its much anticipated BlackBerry 10 OS is being delayed until late 2012. In order to wrap our heads around just how far RIM has fallen this year, a new post from Brian S. Hall puts things in perspective, and the information is truly staggering.

According to Hall, as of today Research in Motion is worth a modest $7.04 billion. Ok, not horribly bad, right? In comparison, Apple is worth $354 billion, or more than 50x. That’s not even the shocking part.

Hall goes on to reveal that Apple’s App Store alone is probably worth more than RIM’s entire company. Just a fraction of Apple – not its iPhone, iPad, or Mac – is worth more than the floundering RIM. It’s incredible. It really is a sobering look into the Waterloo-based company’s current fortunes.

The App Store, per analysis from Trefis, contributes 2 percent to Apple’s market cap, or $7.08 billion of its current $354 billion. To recap, RIM is worth $7.04 billion, while Apple’s App Store is at $7.08 billion. While not remarkably more, it’s still an astonishing figure.

As Apple (and Android, Windows Phone) continue to grow, it’s hard to imagine BlackBerry making up any sort of lost marketshare, especially with BlackBerry 10 not arriving for another year. On top of that, can the company even hang out to the customers it currently has with such fierce competition? With the iPhone 5 and iPad 3┬álikely hitting next year, the App Store is only going to grow as Apple’s products advance even further.


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