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Apple Offering “Complete My Season” Pass on iTunes

by Emily Price | December 20, 2011December 20, 2011 9:00 am PST

Apple has launched a new “Complete My Season” pass option in iTunes for television shows. Previously, you were able to purchase a season of a program, or single episodes; however, if you opted first to buy a few episodes of a show you would still have to pay full-price for the season pass of the program if you decided you wanted in later.

Now, you can complete your season pass for a show at a discounted rate, just as if you had opted to buy the pass in the first place with the value of the shows you own discounted from the final price of the pass.

I know for me the new option would have come in handy more than a few times. I often download a few episodes of a new show to check it out, being able to go back later and commit to an entire season will definitely save me a little bit of time. As it stands, if I commit to an entire season after the fact I’ve had to download each individual new episode by itself. Pretty time consuming.

Any of you excited about the option to complete a season purchase later on?

[via 9to5Mac]

Emily Price

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