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PS Vita Launches in Japan; Systems Freezing, Unresponsive

by Joey Davidson | December 19, 2011December 19, 2011 5:47 am PDT

Video game platform launches are, typically, marred with problems. Consoles overheat, freeze, refuse to boot or ship completely broken. Handheld devices fall victim to the same issues, in addition to problems with display and inputs. As the PS Vita launched in Japan over the weekend, it was inevitable that the world would hear of some of the system’s problems by the onset of this week.

Here we are, the first monday after the PS Vita‘s Japanese retail launch, and we’ve got more than a few reports of PS Vita owners and their frustrations. First up is the video above. You’ll notice the user encounters a lot of screen lag, unresponsiveness and then a full on freeze after booting the device and fiddling with the touch screen. His frustration is almost palpable as he sets the device down and gestures towards the camera.

Here’s another user with a similar problem…

Next, as you’ll see in the image directly below this line, one Japanese game blog operator is hosting images from users complaining about staining screens. Hit the link to the blog to see a few extra shots of this problem.

The writer’s words? “うわーなんだこりゃー…” Loose translation? “Ugh, what the hell is this?”

For probably the first time in my life, I’m genuinely happy that Japan will use a gaming system so much more before the rest of the world. While they were able to buy the PS Vita on December 17th, gamers elsewhere will have to wait until February 22nd, 2012. Those few months seemed like a bummer until these problems started cropping up. Now, Sony will have time to address the issues and, hopefully, release relatively problem-free PS Vitas when the time comes.

Remember, most devices encounter problems like these at launch. Before you go naysaying the platform, give Sony a chance to rectify the issue. The Xbox 360 ran its RROD errorx forever, the PlayStation 3 has the YLOD and the Nintendo 3DS had a string of freezing issues near launch.

It’s terrible to read, watch and see, but failures near console launches happen.

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