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Apple Working on Wearable Siri-Supported iPods?

Rumor has it Apple is working on a line of Siri-supported iPods you can wear. The device would be a “curved-glass iPod that would wrap around the wrist,” and give uses the ability to advance through songs stored on the device using voice commands rather than touch buttons.

According to the New York Times a small group of Apple employees have been conceptualizing and prototyping wearable devices, the wearable iPod being one of them.

Another theory about the device is rather than being an iPod, it could be device that merely connects to your iPhone and displays information. So, I might be able to look down at my wrist and see I had an incoming call or text without taking my iPhone out of my pocket.

The New York Times article also suggests that Google is working on wearable electronics that might communicate back to Android smartphones.

What do you think about wearable tech? Would you be interested in a wearable iPod? What if that iPod was connected to your phone?

[via New York Times]

Emily Price

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