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Apple Pitching Siri-Powered HDTV To Media Execs

by Emily Price | December 19, 2011December 19, 2011 6:59 am PST

Apple TV Living Room Close UpAccording to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has started meeting with top media execs at several large companies to talk about what it sees as the future for television – a Siri-powered television.

The television is expected to work very similar to Apple’s set-top box, allowing owners to stream movies and television programs. Unlike the set-top box, however, the technology with be built directly into the television rather than connected externally.

In one of the meetings about the television Apple reportedly talked of a TV that can be controlled using motion controls (like a Kinect) and voice (Siri) rather than a traditional remote control. Apple has also reportedly mentioned in the meetings allowing users to start walking a program on one device such as the television, and then pick up where they left off on something else like an iPad or iPhone.

The idea of an Apple-branded television is a rumor we’ve seen pop up quite a bit lately. What do you think? Do you think we’ll see an Apple-branded HDTV? What sorts of features would you like to see in an Apple television if one is released?

[via WSJ]

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