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Analyst Wonders Why the Kindle Fire is Still in Stock at Amazon

by Sean P. Aune | December 19, 2011December 19, 2011 5:15 pm PST

Kindle Fire - in stock

As the holiday shopping season enters its final days for 2011, it’s already time for analysts to start breaking down how it went. Did it live up to expectations? Fall short? Did all of the right items sell? In the case of Hudson Square Research’s Daniel Ernst, he went a bit passive-agressive and simply pondered why a supposedly hot selling item didn’t sell out.

In a note to investors today, Mr. Ernst said that he saw a lot of floor traffic at retail stores this weekend, but lower than expected numbers at the checkout counters. He also went on to specifically mention that the iPad was still selling briskly, but this led to a very intriguing question about the state of Amazon’s Kindle Fire:

While Amazon reported that the Kindle family of devices was selling more than 1M units per week, we continue to be surprised that the Kindle Fire is still in-stock (as opposed to sold-out).

Indeed, the online retailer did report last week that it was selling more than one million Kindles per week, but it would be correct to point out that at no time did they break it down by model, and there are currently a multitude of options for the family of devices.  We also saw numerous reports of Amazon not only stockpiling the device prior to its announcement, but also increasing orders afterwards.  It’s easy to speculate that the last thing Amazon wanted to do was to run out of its new flagship device during the all-important holiday shopping season, so can’t you assume they may have stocked themselves to the rafters with them?

Amazon isn’t known for sharing exact numbers on their branded devices, so it’s doubtful we’ll ever know exactly how many of the Kindle Fire they sold this holiday season, but gauging its success based on it not being out of stock seems a bit off to me.

Do you think it’s odd that the Kindle Fire is still in stock at this late date?

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