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Use Facebook To Pick Who You Sit Next To and Make New Friends On Your Next Flight

by Emily Price | December 18, 2011December 18, 2011 2:00 pm PST

Picking where you sit on a flight just got a little more interesting. Dutch airline KLM has a new plan called “Meet & Seat” which allows customers to pick who they’re seated next to on the plane using Facebook. More than just a seat selector, with the program you would see photos of potential row mates, and get to decide who you’d like to spend your flight time with.

The program is opt-in, and requires you to download the Meet & Seat app. So, if you’re flying with the airline and you’re not the type of person who wants to chat it up with your neighbor you don’t have to get in on the action.

On a basic level, the idea is a nice one. I would have loved the opportunity to know I was going to be seated next to the 500-pound talkative man with a dog when I left CES last year and changed my seat for the 6-hour flight accordingly. I’m sure on the same flight were several people who had also left the show, and I could have spent the time talking about smartphones rather than how smart his pooch is. There’s even a chance on some flights you may have friends (or friends of friends) aboard, and sitting next to those people (that you discover on Facebook) could make any flight potentially more enjoyable.

KLM’s video for the service, unfortunately, makes it look a little more like a high-altitude In the video a gentleman checks out pictures of potential row mates, and then selects (surprisingly enough) the girl with the low-cut shirt on, which he ultimately manages to create a relationship with while in the air.

While I could personally get excited about doing a little networking while flying, the idea of sitting next to someone who plans on hitting on me the entire flight is less than exciting. KLM plans to release the service “soon.” It will be interesting to see whether they bill it as an opportunity to network or to have a love affair, and what sort of information other passengers might be able to obtain about you before you hit the friendly skies.

What do you think? Would you like the opportunity to pick who you sit next to on a flight via Facebook?

Emily Price

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