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Sony Tablet S Update Adds Support for PlayStation 3 Controllers

Tablet S with PS3 controller

As much as I love gaming on my iPad when I can’t be in front of a console, a lack of support for game controllers makes some titles — especially first-person shooters — a little less enjoyable than they could be for me. But that’s something that those with a Sony Tablet S will need to worry about, because the device’s latest software update introduces support for PlayStation 3 controllers.

That means you can now hook up your PS3 controller to your tablet to enjoy all your PlayStation certified titles the way they should be enjoyed — with a real control pad. There are a couple of downsides to this, however: You must connect the controller via USB — there’s no wireless support — which means purchasing an additional USB adapter cable for the Tablet S.

But for your troubles, Sony is throwing in a free Ape Escape-themed mini-game collection, according to Engadget.

The update is currently available only on Sony’s home turf in Japan, but it is expected to rollout to other territories in which the Tablet S is available shortly.

Unfortunately for Tablet P owners, Sony’s clamshell device doesn’t support PlayStation 3 controllers, so you’ll have to stick to on-screen controls for your gaming — at least for the time being.

Thanks to this update, the Sony Tablet S just became significantly more appealing to me. Come on, Apple — add support for game controllers to iOS!

Will you be hooking your PlayStation 3 controller up to your Tablet S?

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