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Verizon Opening New 4G LTE Markets on December 15

by Todd Haselton | December 14, 2011December 14, 2011 10:45 am PDT

Verizon announced today that it is expanding its 4G LTE service into even more markets tomorrow, as well as widening the coverage in cities where it already offers service.

It isn’t just the speed of the network that is impressing people, but how fast Verizon has been rolling out this service.  “Introducing the 4G LTE network has been the fastest rollout of any next-generation network in our history.  In one year and 10 days, we have brought 4G LTE to more than 200 million people.  That’s more than twice as fast as our 3G network rollout,” said David Small , chief technical officer of Verizon Wireless.

The new markets opening on December 15 include:

  • Dover, Del
  • Lafayette, Ind
  • Fitchburg / Leominster, Mass
  • Duluth , The Rochester Area and St. Cloud, Minn
  • Manchester / Nashua, N.H
  • Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
  • Findlay / Tiffin and Youngstown / Warren, Ohio
  • Indiana , Pa.
These new announcements brings the total number of markets  with coverage in the United States to 190.

Expansion areas include:

  • San Diego and San Francisco
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Savannah, Ga
  • Chicagoland, Ill
  • Baltimore and Hagerstown , Md.

In our own usage with the Verizon 4G LTE network, the speeds have continued to impress – except of course when the network crashes – and seeing it showing up in smaller markets is wonderful to see.  The day it blankets the entire country will be even better as you enjoy speeds we could have only once dreamed of while going on long car trips.  (Just so long as you aren’t the driver)

Have you gotten to try out Verizon 4G LTE yet?  What did you think?

Todd Haselton

Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University. He started out as an intern with...