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Facebook Intros a Suicide-Prevention Live Chat Program

by Emily Price | December 14, 2011December 14, 2011 10:00 pm PST

If someone you know on Facebook posts a message hinting at suicide, now you have one more way to help. Facebook has teamed up with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to allow users to report suicidal content on the site when you see someone who needs help.

Currently reporting is done from a special “Report Suicidal Content” page, however, in the future the option to report content will show up next to status updates and comments on the site.

The person you report will receive an email with a suicide prevention hotline number, as well as a link to a live chat section where they can talk with someone.

Oftentimes those who attempt suicide just need to talk to another person. Those who reach out through a status message or comment on Facebook especially could benefit from instant contact and instant help.

You can read more about the partnership in Facebook’s official announcement here.

Emily Price

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