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AT&T LTE Network Live in SoCal – Launch Imminent?

by Jon Rettinger | December 13, 2011December 13, 2011 9:53 am PDT

Does AT&T have plans to flip the 4G LTE switch for folks in southern California? We haven’t heard anything, but while going about our business this morning we discovered a rather welcome surprise: 4G LTE was live! At least for now.

We did a video to test out the network’s chops and found that the speeds were markedly faster than the 3G speeds we’re used to in Orange County. Testing three different times on the LG Nitro HD showed relatively consistent download speeds of 7.53Mbps, 8.85Mbps and 8.5Mbps, while upload speeds were slightly inconsistent at 6.26, 2.13 and 4.24. Still, pretty quick speeds that, after using for a few minutes to browse the web, were blazing fast.

To compare, we ran the same speed test on an iPhone 4S and got HSPA+ speeds of 4.05Mbps download and 0.24 upload. In addition, tests we did in Las Vegas recently ran at 6.05 download and 1.48 upload. AT&T is slowly but surely rolling out 4G LTE coverage to catch up to the competition. As of writing this the wireless carrier has flipped the switch for 15 cities across the nation (most of them in the midwest or on the east coast).

We’re not the only fortunate ones in California to see the bump in speed, however. An article from GottaBeMobile reveals that northern California, specifically San Francisco, is also seeing 4G LTE goodness, but surrounding areas were still seeing HSPA+.¬†Southern California was one of Verizon’s original launch markets, and it looks as though Ma Bell is quietly encroaching on Big Red’s territory. Nothing official has been announced as of yet, but hopefully we’ll get word from AT&T soon.

Anybody else seeing 4G LTE live on AT&T?


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