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Fans Must Wait for “Authentic” Metal Gear Sequel, says Kojima

by Joey Davidson | December 13, 2011December 13, 2011 2:00 pm PST

Over the weekend, a brand new trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising debuted during the Spike Video Game Awards show. You’ll see that full teaser above.

One of the first things you’ll notice is probably the bombastic action and fighting style that operates totally outside of the standards set forth in the Metal Gear universe. This looks like a hack and slash fighter with an emphasis on ridiculous, over-the-top combat. It does not look like the strategy-based, stealth shooter fans have come to know and appreciate Metal Gear for being.

The second thing you noticed was the re-branding of the game. This is no longer Metal Gear Solid: Rising; it’s now Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. They’ve presumably dropped “Solid” from the title as the stealth and personality of Solid Snake are absent from the game.

Along with the news of the re-titling of this entry in the Metal Gear universe came the reveal of the studio working with Kojima Productions on the effort. Platinum Games, the Japanese developer behind action-heavy titles like Bayonetta and Vanquish, will be leading the charge with this title.

Unfortunately for those involved with the creation of this production up until now, fans have reacted rather poorly to the revelation that this game will be more about action and swordplay rather than sneaking and stealth operations. However, Hideo Kojima responded to that fact in a Tweet, as picked up by VG247. Here he is:

“For those of you desire [sic] for authentic stealth MGS, I want you to patiently wait for the sequel coming in future.”

That quote, effectively, does two things for Metal Gear franchise followers… First, it tells us that Kojima and his team will be doing another entry in the Solid line (which seems odd, given the almost perfect conclusion of Metal Gear Solid 4). Second, it confirms the fact that this game will be nothing like the series it falls below.

What say you, herd members? Is this the Metal Gear you want? Is it one you can get behind?

[via VG247]

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