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Some Lucky Best Buy Customers Picked Up the Galaxy Nexus Early This Weekend

by Killian Bell | December 12, 2011December 12, 2011 6:11 am PST

We’ve been awaiting a release date for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus for weeks now. The carrier is yet to give us any indication of when it will make its debut in the U.S., and Samsung’s keeping quiet about the whole thing, too. However, if you’d have popped into some Best Buy stores this weekend, you may have been able to pick one up.

At least three Best Buy customers managed to bag a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon this weekend. Sean Bates purchased his from a store in Olathe, Kansas, and posted images of the device and his receipt to the Android Central forums as proof. He said the manager at this particular store confirmed the device was available on December 11, and was happy to sell it to him.

Galaxy Nexus sold early at Best Buy 1

What’s interested about Sean’s photos is that the SKU for the Galaxy Nexus on his receipt is simply a string of 9s. According to a source for Android Police, this means the number was entered manually and that the device should not have been available to purchase:

I just heard from someone who works for Best Buy, and all 9s means the SKU was entered manually. Most likely that person will face severe penalties, regardless of his or her title in the company. I’ve now redacted the receipt, but since the photo was hanging out in the original thread for quite a while, potential damage has already been done.

Another forum user, GuinnKevinR, picked one up at Best Buy in Sherman Oaks, California, where they apparently had four more available when he left the store.

Galaxy Nexus sold early at Best Buy 2

However, other forum users weren’t so lucky. When they visited Best Buy to purchase the device, they were told it was unavailable, and that the store had no idea when it would arrive. I think it’s also safe to assume that even those stores which have received stock early won’t be selling them without authorization after this news spreads today.

Where you lucky enough to pick up a Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. this weekend?

[via Android Police]

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