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Watch An iPad 2 Get Dunked In Hot Lava

by Emily Price | December 11, 2011December 11, 2011 12:00 pm PST

iPhone and iPad cases are a dime a dozen these days, so what do you do if you’re a case maker and need to grab people’s attention? How about drop an iPad 2 into some hot lava?

ZooGue CEO Tim Angel took an iPad 2 to Hawaii and did just that. A video that appears to have been a promotional stunt for the company, and a way to advertise a “free case” promotion on its website. While definitely a stunt, it’s also pretty interesting to see what the iPad does when brought head-to-head with molten lava. Spoiler alert: The temperature of the lava sets off a heat warning on the iPad, and when placed directly in lava the tablet bursts into flames. There’s also no ZooGue products in the video at all – an interesting choice.

What do you think about the promotion? Does the video make you interested in ZooGue or its products?

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Emily Price

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