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Spotify Throws Gauntlet at Pandora With New Spotify Radio

by Mike Perlman | December 9, 2011December 9, 2011 7:00 am PST

It was bound to happen. Spotify announced on Friday its very own radio application that offers unlimited stations and an unlimited number of song skips. Users will have the ability to save any song to a playlist or play it again on demand. Pandora’s free and paid services only allow users six skips per station per hour, so the Human Genome Project-based radio application might have to alter its protocol in order to stay competitive.

There’s no word on users being able to ban or “thumb down” a track or artist, and we’re not sure exactly what devices Spotify Radio will be debuting on. Currently, Spotify Radio is available as a preview on Spotify’s Previews page, but is expected to roll out within the next few days.

Mike Perlman

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