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Apple’s Latest NYC Store Opens, Mobs Grand Central Station

Is it a rock star mezzanine performance? Brangelina waiting for a train? No, the throngs of people queueing up in New York’s Grand Central Station were all lined up to get a peep at Apple‘s latest store. Sitting atop the balcony of the historic station’s main lobby, the retail outpost had its grand opening today at 10 AM EST, making the location Apple’s fifth one in Manhattan and, word has it, its biggest yet.

Perhaps it was the promise of free T-shirts (for the first 4,000 people) that tempted them in, or maybe it was that “new store smell.” Whatever it was, the headcount within the first hour clocked 1,000 visitors, with another 500 still waiting to get in.

To see what all the fuss is about, check out Forbes’ video walkthrough below, taken a couple days ago. Or to check out footage of the mob, visit the source link.

Are you an iFan living in New York? Any plans to check out the new store soon? (Or are you even there now?) Be sure to tell us your impressions of Apple’s latest digs.

[via Forbes]

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