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Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Google Wallet? No. Launch Delay? Possibly

No one likes a tease — not for romance, and certainly not in mobile tech. But that’s the feeling on the webs right about now, as a new report about the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus suggests it could be further delayed from launching on Verizon.

According to BGR, a source at a third-party Verizon Wireless store claims that Big Red’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus won’t be debuting this week, as expected. Indeed, the email above even indicates that the true launch was slated for next week, on December 12 — and even then, the message clearly states that it will be blowing this deadline too.

So is it just a discrepancy between Big Red’s official retail outlets and its other retail partners? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a carrier offered its own wares first. Maybe so, but BGR also adds that it “received word that Verizon may be delaying the phone’s release as well.” That would mean no one is carrying this handset, at least this version. The GSM version of this device has already dropped — weeks ago, in fact.

Well, whenever it is that the device finally launches, one thing’s for sure: It’s going to be arriving with one very notable omission — Google Wallet. Seems The Washington Post got confirmation that the carrier wouldn’t be supporting the NFC-equipped feature, even going so far as to ask Google to not to put it in there. Why? Most signs seem to point to the carrier trying to protect its interests in the alternate mobile payments solution, ISIS.

Will the lack of Google Wallet plus the rumored delay have you looking at another option? Or will you wait for as long as it takes to get your hands on the newest Google flagship smartphone? Weigh in.

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