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Source Claims Android Kindle Fire Will Launch in U.K. in January

by Killian Bell | December 8, 2011December 8, 2011 8:30 pm PST

I’ve been itching to get my hands on Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet since the company announced it earlier this year, but the $199 Android tablet is yet to reach territories outside of the U.S. Just as I was thinking of having one imported to the U.K. as a Christmas gift to myself, one source claims that I’ll only have to wait until January for its U.K. launch.

The site Know Your Mobile claims that a source “close to the launch” has confirmed the Kindle Fire will reach U.K. shores by January next year:

So when exactly can we expect the Kindle Fire on our shores? Our source said it will be arriving in January 2012, meaning anyone hoping to get one for Christmas will be sorely disappointed.

Of course, that means the device will miss the all-important holiday shopping season, but a January launch is a lot sooner than many of us had anticipated. In fact, some reports had claimed that the device would not be leaving the U.S. at all.

“Our source didn’t reveal much else in the way of details,” the report continues, but Amazon is expected to maintain the competitive price tag enjoyed by those in the U.S.

Thanks to its pocket-friendly price tag, the Kindle Fire has been a huge success in the U.S., which will certainly improves its chances of reaching — and becoming hugely popular in — other parts of the world.

I’d be delighted if the Kindle Fire comes to the U.K. in January. Are you keeping your fingers crossed?

[via Pocket-lint]

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