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Revue Getting Google TV 2.0 Soon, Says Logitech (Again)

Another day, another email from Logitech. If you’re among the Logitech Revue users losing hope of ever seeing Android grace our set top boxes (like I am), then note that the company has sent a second email telling us to hold on — the Google TV 2.0 software is on the way. The message promises that the update will land in time for the holidays.



That’s nice, but I’m growing more impatient with each day. The first email went out on Halloween, promising that it would only take a few weeks. Now it’s one month and one week later, and we still have bubkiss. Thankfully, I just joined the Roku nation, which finally gives me the Internet streaming I’d been holding out for with my Google TV. Now, it’s just a matter of determining which piece of tech will get that honored space in my living room, and which one gets relegated to the spare TV in the bedroom.

Not that I’m expecting Google TV 2.0 will be all roses once it gets here. Sony TV users — who got it weeks ago — experienced some bugs and have even gotten a minor patch pushed out since then. Meanwhile, Logitech users are still waiting for the first major update to show up to begin with. Ideally, this means Logitech took its time to really hammer out the glitches and optimize compatibility, but many users suspect that this is just symptomatic of the company’s could-care-less attitude, now that it is ending the hardware line. Until the update finally gets here, it’s hard to know what to believe.

So, Logitech, thanks bunches for the heads up. But please, stop promoting this software update until you’re ready to actually pull the trigger, k? Otherwise, it’s just adding insult to injury.

For more about Google TV 2.0, you can hit Noah’s review (of the Sony version) or visit Logitech’s linked list of what has changed.

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