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Get Swept Away in Google Currents

Google has released a new app called Google Currents that is designed to display content the way it was “meant to be seen.” Partnering with over 150 publishers including Outside, Saveur, Fast Company and more, Currents no doubt has its sights set on competing with the popular Flipboard iOS app.

Through a slick magazine-style interface, Currents allows users to customize their experience through news sources, rss feeds (Google Reader!), and Google+ streams. Much like Flipboard, Google Currents makes digesting content much more immersive thanks to its beautiful layout and attractive UI.

It basically turns a lot of the sites we already read into a beautiful magazine that can be shared with others through email, Instapaper, Pinboard, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Another cool feature in Currents is its Trending tab, which shows the top five news stories (in categories like World, Business, Entertainment, Sports, etc.) from around the web. Whether you’re using a tablet or phone, Google Currents keeps everything in sync so users can view their library of content offline.

Google Currents is available now in the Android Market and iTunes App Store. We’ve been toying around with the app for the better part of an hour and like what we see so far. Whether or not Flipboard will get swept away by Google Currents remains to be seen.

What do you guys think?


Brandon Russell

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