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Milan: First BlackBerry 10 Slider Leaks

by Noah Kravitz | December 7, 2011December 7, 2011 9:47 am PST

Hot on the heels that BlackBerry was officially changing the name of their next-generation operating system from BBX to BlackBerry 10, CrackBerry’s gone and gotten themselves a render of BB10’s first slider phone. Codenamed Milan, the device joins London, Lisbon and Nevada on the company’s 2012 roadmap – or so says the InterWebs, at least.

Sadly, no specs came along with the Milan render, but CrackBerry Kevin says all of the net-gen Berrys will feature “amazing displays (higher pixel density than the iPhone 4‘s retina display),” which would be welcomed in today’s marketplace. Kev also waxes analytic on UI/UX possibilities based on the device’s industrial design:

Gone is the optical trackpad, call, hang-up and menu and back buttons from the main navigation area of the phone (where the BlackBerry logo is in this image). This means we can assume a much more PlayBook like experience moving forward.

Interesting stuff, and something to look forward to for the RIM faithful, for sure. Head over to CrackBerry for the full scoop on London, including more of Kevin’s expert analysis. But before you do, hit us up in the comments with your thoughts on BlackBerry’s apparent revamped design language, and the prospects of BB10 on smartphones!

[Source: CrackBerry]

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