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Galaxy Nexus Launch for Verizon Getting Closer as Inventory Arrives at Stores

by Sean P. Aune | December 7, 2011December 7, 2011 9:17 am PST

Samsung Nexus Release Leak

A trusted tipster sent in the image you see associated with this post that lets us know that Best Buy Mobile locations started receiving inventories of the Galaxy Nexus as early as yesterday, but they aren’t supposed to discuss it with anyone as of yet.  As the picture of the screen says, “Keep it Confidential.”

The internal memo goes on to stress how this is part of the company’s policy to not disclose information on upcoming products and that there should not be any unauthorized discussion of the device with customers.  We’re not quite sure why they are stressing this so hard for the Galaxy Nexus, but they seem to be serious about it.

Sadly, what is missing from this memo is any information on when exactly the Galaxy Nexus will go on sale.  The last rumor we had heard was a December 11 release date, which was a slip from the original rumored launch date of December 8.  With the phones arriving at locations now, and the 11th falling on Sunday – a day of the week that has become popular for phone launches – this seems like it’s going to be a reality at long last.  We’re sure there will be more information coming out in the next few days.

Are you excited for the Galaxy Nexus?

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