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The Last of Us Gets Teaser, PlayStation 3 Exclusivity

by Joey Davidson | December 5, 2011December 5, 2011 10:00 pm EST

After you watch the weird teaser clip above, you’ll know almost exactly as much as we know about The Last of Us. This game has been freshly announced; but, beyond the title and some chaotic footage, we don’t really have much to go on for this future product.

According to the post for the video on GameInformer, The Last of Us is an upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive. In addition, The Last of Us will get its official world premier during the Spike Video Game Awards set to air live this Saturday night at 8pm EST.

Spike’s VGAs have actually become a great place for publishers and developers to announce and show off their projects. That makes sense, given that it’s one of the only nationally televised video game presentation platforms for such tomfoolery. So, be sure to tune into the show if you have even a passing interest in the next few years for the world of video games…there will be more content shown off than just The Last of Us.

You can check out the strange site for the project here, and you’ll even be able to see a creepy ant do … ant stuff. Yeah, I don’t know either. We’ll have more on this game and its details after the project is revealed Saturday night.

For now, let’s just randomly guess at what this title could be. My money is on a wild pony wrangling simulator. It’ll be part Pokemon, part Red Dead Redemption.

[via GameInformer]

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